36,000 Humans

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36,000 humans have lost their lives in transit whilst trying to seek asylum in Europe.
In Refugee Week 2019 we have launched a year-long project to honour and remember them.

We are inviting YOU to write, make, craft or speak out their memories to raise awareness of the need for safe passage, so that Europe can truly be the place of refuge that these mothers, fathers, friends and children need.

Join with us in honouring these 36000 Humans, with your help we can make a difference for many more.

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The list of deaths is compiled and maintained by UNITED for Intercultural Action as part of their campaign 'Fortress Europe: No More Deaths'.

For enquiries about the list, please email listofdeaths@unitedagainstracism.org.

To see all 36000 people, follow this link to the full PDF list.

Action For Refugees is a budding network of local groups based in Birmingham UK who welcome refugees and newly arrived families. We fundraise for our partners Aegean Solidarity Network in Greece and raise awareness of issues facing refugees.

To find more about us, visit actionforrefugees.org or follow us on social media.

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